Friday, September 19, 2014

Library Clearance Guidelines

Library Clearance Guidelines.

Prior to the signing of the clearance, the following must be fulfilled:
1. Payment of dues (photocopies, fines, etc.).

2. All borrowed books must be returned.
[At the end of every semester, all students must return all borrowed library materials. All students need to do this in order to obtain clearance from the library – from the Verbum Handbook, p. 111].
Borrowing resumes as soon as student is enrolled and will be allowed through the semestral break. However, lost books will be fined the cost of its replacement (market price).

Cancellation of Classes During Inclement Weather

Please read here CHED Memo 15 series of 2012

In addition (for DWST):

Since the cancellation of classes during storm signal no. 2 and below or inclement weather is at the discretion also of the heads of the graduate schools (see CHED guideline no. 3), if there is NO ANNOUNCEMENT from the DWST Dean of the suspension of classes, CLASSES WILL BE HELD. DWST authorities will see to it that suspension of classes would be promptly and sufficiently announced (via text messages to the rectors, professors, DWSTSA president; on DWST blog, Facebook, and website).

For the professors who live outside Tagaytay and who may find it difficult to travel due to inclement weather, please inform the Dean as soon as possible for prompt information to our students.

 "Even without the cancellation or suspension of classes, students who are unable to report to class or participate in scheduled activities such as exams due to inclement weather shall be given consideration and be allowed to make up for the missed class or activity" (CHED guidline no. 5). This applies esp. to lay students and CTS students.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dogma Comprehensive Examination

All students in the STB program and in the Ecclesiastical course take a dogma comprehensive examination, both written and oral, after completing all required course work. This examination aims to determine whether students have sufficient theological knowledge for the fruitful exercise of their ministry.

For the matter and procedure for  the Dogma Comprehensive Examination, please click here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Red-Letter Days in August at DWST

August 13-14 (Wed-Thu) – DWSTSA Day
Classes are suspended from wed afternoon to whole day of Thu; all students are enjoined to participate

August 15 (Fri) – Forum on Phil. Church History
from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. classes are suspended but all students are asked to attend the forum

August 21 (Thu) – Ninoy Aquino Day

Schola vacat

August 25 (Mon) – National Heroes Day
Schola Vacat

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

DWST Term Paper - Updated info on moderator change (for T1)

Since Fr. Ferrer, SVD can only take in only 5 students, the following students (with asterisks) assigned initially to him will have to submit also their proposals in the meantime to Fr. Randy Flores, SVD  (both through e-mail and print.